Find programs and resources in your area to support healthy aging with a disability

Southern Arizona Legal Aid, Inc.

SALA is a non-profit 501(c)(3) public interest law firm with a mission to provide quality legal services to people who would not otherwise have equal access to justice, in ways which affirm their individual and collective dignity, integrity, and power.

Legal Aid North Carolina

Provide free legal help to low-income North Carolinians in civil cases involving basic human needs like safety, shelter, income and more.

MetroWest Legal Services

Provide legal advocacy to protect and advance the rights of the poor, elderly, disabled and other disenfranchised people in our service area and to assist them in obtaining legal, social and economic justice.

Greater Boston Legal Services – Main Office

Provides free legal assistance and representation on civil (noncriminal) matters to hundreds of the neediest residents in the city of Boston and 31 surrounding cities and towns.